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We’ve been constructing water infrastructure projects since 1997. Whether it’s upgrading sanitary lift stations or building new water treatment plants, in remote areas or bustling cities, Extreme sustains the creativity and knowledge required to undertake any water infrastructure venture thinkable. We work as a member of your project team and engage various stakeholder groups on challenging public works projects to achieve your vision on time, within budget and above expectations.

 Civil infrastructure services:

  • Sanitary sewer works
  • Decommissioning water systems
  • Concrete storm sewers
  • Transfer stations
  • Watering stations
  • Sanitary sewer lift stations
  • Odour control beds
  • Pump and booster stations
  • Gravity sewers

Civil Services

Civil underground utility services:

  • Water mains
  • Irrigation mains
  • Process piping installation
  • Sanitary & storm sewers

Civil Services

Major earth moving projects

Earthmoving is a critical component of the work we do, and we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years. To reduce the need for third-party contracting, Extreme owns and operates a well-maintained and significant equipment fleet that’s capable of major earth moving projects and much more. From building access roads to parking lots or reshaping challenging terrains for subdivisions, we have the equipment and experience needed to bring your project in on time and on budget successfully.

Civil Services

Civil Services

A streamlined approach for Subdivsions

As a fully integrated civil contractor, we can self-perform most services of a subdivision project. We’ll install water, sewer and sanitary lines, complete with service lots, electrical utilities and road-curb construction. This streamlined approach provides cost-effective solutions and efficient project management for our clients. It’s the attention to detail that separates us from our competitors. You can rest assured that when the subdivision is complete, lots will be presentable and ready for potential buyers to view.

Civil Services

Civil Services

Improving stability and water flow

Many of our projects involve riparian restoration elements. It’s why we’re part owners of Rockrite Quarry. Our expertise lies in improving stability. Whether we’re stabilizing through bank shaping and riprap, or improving filtration of concentrated water flow with filter trenches, we possess the ingenuity and experience required to take on any riparian restoration project imaginable.

Civil Services

Civil Services

Benefits to Our Clients


We understand the value of building long-term relationships with our clients. We maintain those relationships by being adaptable and receptive throughout the entire project.


Collaboration is critical to every project. We’re flexible in budgeting and scheduling, and go the extra mile in tailoring the elaborate plans to bring a project in on time and within budget.


During the project lifecycle, we’ll do everything from implementing an effective safety plan to monitoring costs and will always provide sensible and detailed project status reports.


Before the project starts, we work closely with our subcontractors to understand how they’ll go about their work and develop project execution plans that accentuate team success.

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