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Updating civil infrastructure for municipalities

Capital project managers walk a fine line when it comes to modernizing the city’s ageing underground infrastructure. They must strike a balance between enhancing the public’s safety while also minimizing the public nature of civil work. With a high degree of complexity, the municipal’s design team needs to be able to collaborate with a contractor who can think outside the box to anticipate challenges and develop unique solutions. Often, it’s the surrounding businesses that are impacted the most during the construction phases.


Delivering your vision on time and on budget

At Extreme, we’re devoted to enriching communities through modernized civil infrastructure. It’s this commitment that has helped shape our technical civil expertise.  We work with a municipal’s design team to engage diverse stakeholder groups on complex public works to deliver the civil vision on time and on budget. You can rest assured that our integrity and commitment towards the project will translate into a high return on investment. Our communications team engages business owners daily to address any problems and to create solutions.

Enhancing the quality of life for BC First Nations

First Nation communities face numerous water, sanitary and sewer challenges. Either, the civil infrastructure is in poor shape or non-existent at all. With upgrades or replacements needed, opportunities arise to create public work jobs for the community through building and maintaining the project.  To deliver the project on time and within budget, mutually beneficial joint ventures must be established.


Mutually beneficial joint ventures

Extreme is dedicated to strengthening First Nation communities. We’re experts when it comes to replacing water mains, sanitary sewer lines, lift stations and building water treatment centers. We understand the value of employing and mentoring a local workforce that’ll complement our project team. Extreme takes a proactive approach to First Nation engagements. Our strategy is simple, recognize what we’ll both contribute towards the project and ensure we both understand what the agreement is expected to achieve.

Geotechnical challenges for land developers

With a large portion of the valley floor already urbanized in most cities, developers must look to the hillside and build their subdivisions on challenging terrains. Adding to this geotechnical challenge is the need for a fully integrated civil contractor who can maintain costs and accelerate the project by performing a majority of the subdivision requirements. Upon completion of the project, lots needed to be presentable to buyers.

Land Developer Solutions

A streamlined approach for subdivisions

Extreme is committed to building affordable communities on challenging terrains for developers. We take a streamlined approach by performing all aspects of the land reshaping, underground utilities, sanitary, storm sewer requirements and road-curb construction. With costs controlled, the finishing touch goes in the grading of the lots to make them appealing and ready to sell to buyers.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

”Extreme Excavating is one of the most professional contractors I’ve worked with. Their quality, attention to detail and management of projects is always excellent. They’re a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.”

Darren Crundwell , Capital Project Manager - City of Kamloops

”The Chief Louis Way Watermain Trunk Extension Project provided an important opportunity for TreS Public Works staff to develop skills and gain experience in working with large diameter water main and construction methods, health & safety on the job site, and build capacity within the TteS organization to undertake future similar work.”

Fred Seymour , Kukpi7 - Tk'emlups te Secwepemc

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