Kamloops BC – Traffic pattern changes have been implemented on May 3rd for the Victoria Street West Improvements Project, which is in its fourth week of construction. These changes will help to increase traffic flow and efficiency through the construction zone, help to reduce traffic congestion on Lansdowne Street, and increase pedestrian safety at the intersection of 1st Avenue and Seymour Street.
After thorough monitoring of traffic flow on the approaches to the construction zone, the following adjustments were made to the Traffic Management Plan for Stage 1 of the project:

1st Avenue and Seymour Street
The north crosswalk of the intersection will be closed to pedestrians. The southbound right‑turn lane on 1st Avenue at Seymour Street will be realigned to permit right turns only from the dedicated right‑turn lane. Right‑turning motorists are reminded to yield to pedestrians who are using the west crosswalk.

Traffic Pattern Changes

1st Avenue and Lansdowne Street
Motorists will now be allowed to turn right from Lansdowne Street at 1st Avenue. Between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm, this movement will be controlled by traffic‑control personnel.

2nd Avenue and Lansdowne Street 
The temporary traffic‑control devices and traffic‑control personnel on Lansdowne Street will be relocated to west of the intersection. Motorists will now be able to turn right from Lansdowne Street at 2nd Avenue. Motorists are encouraged to use all available lanes on Lansdowne Street and to zipper merge near 1st Avenue where the lanes converge to one. Maximizing the full use of all lanes until the merging point will help to reduce congestion and keep traffic flowing. Please be courteous and allow motorists exiting the parkades and parking stalls on Lansdowne Street to merge into traffic.

Traffic Pattern Changes

The City will continue to monitor traffic flow on the approaches to and through the construction zone, and we will make further adjustments as required. We thank you for your patience and ask that you plan ahead and anticipate delays. Remember that we’re all in this together!
Traffic webcams are in place on Victoria Street West to provide east and west views of the construction zone. View project updates, traffic webcams, and more at LetsTalk.Kamloops.ca/VictoriaWest.